Track water and electricity usage within your housing society


With our proprietary automation solution, you can now digitize all of your water and lighting operations for your society’s common infrastructure.

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1 Billion+

Litres of water managed


water tankers managed


smart sensors deployed


Management Committee Users


saved on average per society per year*

Benefits of Planet SIM


Automation of society operations related to water pumps and lighting systems


View real-time usage and forecast spends through continuous data capture


Reduce dependency on manpower for managing daily operations

15% less
utility spends

Save up to 15% on monthly utility spends, thanks to data driven decision-making

Manage, track and conserve utilities

Planet SIM, a platform built with Indian housing societies in mind, gives you the power to manage, track and conserve utilities within your society in a manner you have never experienced before! With IoT devices placed within your society and an app-based console, you can now unleash the power of automation & data-driven decision making for all your society operations!

Manage, track and conserve utilities

Automate, manage and track all your society operations related to water and lighting, at the click of a button.

AI Powered

IoT* and AI** enables seamless integration into your society’s infrastructure

Data-driven automations

Data-driven water-pump automations based on real-time water levels

Tracking & Actions

Water tanker order placements and exact delivery tracking

Lighting Automation

Intelligent centralized lighting automations for society common areas

Usage data Analytics

Comprehensive usage-data reports and actionable insights, at the tap of a button


Real-time alerts and proactive notifications on the Planet SIM app


Hear from the committee members who continue to benefit from Planet SIM


“I was on a vacation in Chennai and thanks to the Planet SIM App, I was able to remotely operate the water pumps and lights in my housing society in Pune!”

Management Committee Member


“With the help of the Planet SIM platform, we were able to prevent the wastage of about 3,00,000 litres of water due to leakage in the pipes! This was awesome since we had no idea that this leak existed before the data told us about it.”

Facility Manager,


“The water tanker procurement and payment have been simplified by the Planet SIM Tanker Management feature. My time spent on this has gone from 2 hours to just 10 minutes!”

Management Committee Member

Frequently asked questions

You asked, and we answered!

It is a SaaS IoT* platform for residential complexes, providing a single consolidated platform for all infrastructure management related activities. Committee Members and Facility Managers can now access and operate the infrastructure of the society right from the Planet SIM app.

It includes a selection of IoT solutions to optimise the costs and consumptions, as well as the operation of the society, thanks to automated, data-driven decision-making. Using these solutions, the society becomes more efficient, easier to manage and guarantees convenience to property managers and the committee members.

For the society's management committee, Planet SIM provides much-needed peace of mind and convenience by providing real-time information to manage the facilities efficiently. Elaborate reports on infrastructure utilization helps committee members make real-time data-driven decisions and predict shortages, spends and flag off unusual usage of resources.
Finally, it gives facility managers/operators the ability to remotely monitor, operate and schedule the assets (lights, water pumps, valves, etc) and provides proactive notifications to help drive efficient use of resources.
Simply fill up the form on this page with your details and someone from our side will connect with you within less than 24 hours. Not just that, we will send a team to your society to understand your pain points, collect requirements and analyse your society infrastructure to custom-build the solution for you!

Absolutely nothing! Yes, you read that right. Once our team gets in touch with you, we will analyze the existing infrastructure in your society and gather the requirements in a step-by-step manner, completely free of cost.

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