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The {U}niverse at Life Republic, located in Pune, is a testimonial to how smart innovation can be brought together with enduring aesthetics to create ingenious spaces for residential living. Its advanced amenities, sustainable lifestyle, user-friendly township features and smart solutions make it a universe that allow you to enjoy a better quality of life.

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Scroll through the pictures to find out more about the flats!
* You are looking at model flats! Your house may have some variations in the organisation of space.
Scroll through the pictures to find out more about the flats!
* You are looking at model flats! Your house may have some variations in the organisation of space.

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Globally, the smart neighbourhood project is essentially based on efficiency, the integration of digital devices (ICT) and the active involvement of citizens. Working in this direction, Planet designs smart neighbourhoods that integrate technology, architecture, social innovation and environmental sustainability to improve people’s lives.  We believe that everyone wants to feel part of a community that has a heart and soul, where diversity is celebrated, and smart solutions meet the changing needs of residents.
During your life at {U}niverse, you will often hear about smart solutions. The smart solutions are products and services, available to citizens, that enhance the potential of the entire community. According to our idea, a real estate project can be defined as smart if it generates an inclusive and attractive environment, if it makes everything more efficient, if it includes digital services, if it takes care of the education and information of residents and takes care of the natural environment. These aspects, appropriately combined through smart solutions, increase the quality of life in the neighbourhood.

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In the smart neighbourhood, the presence of digital platforms and digital services is a key aspect of ensuring a more collaborative and active quality of life. Digital devices allow users to access all smart solutions and stay up-to-date on everything that is happening in their neighbourhood. Through the use of these tools, users help the Planet team collect data to optimise products and services. Planet enhances the lives of residents by integrating the latest technological solutions in networks, home automation, air quality control, security and much more. The Planet App, your district platform, facilitates access to smart solutions, services and activities in the neighbourhood.

At {U}niverse you will find several smart solutions belonging to the digital services category: access control, air quality monitoring system, interactive totem, smart bench and others.
Smart Living is linked not only to technological solutions, but also to the concept of "Smart People": a citizen is smart according to how much he or she will be able to become an integral part of the community. Planet believes that it is very important to build strong and open communities. For this reason, the smart neighbourhoods are designed to be socially inclusive and empower residents to make a difference to their local community. We promote healthy and sociable lifestyles by inserting a local Community Manager, as well as spaces and services that implement socialisation: library, shared spaces, community spaces for workshops and others. For Planet, knowing and strengthening the bond between people living in the same environment helps individuals feel safer and fosters a sense of mutual trust.

When you move into your new home, consult the Planet App daily to keep up to date with the events taking place around you and become an active resident!
Smart cities and neighbourhoods can use information and communication technologies to collect data, optimise the use and management of resources and improve the management of more complex services, enabling the neighbourhood to offer solutions to specific problems, including environmental sustainability. Environmental issues are central to Planet's vision. For this reason, we are committed to offering our communities a better quality of life with a focus on the environment.
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